The concept for the EOTE Ivy League came from a need for volunteers. A way to deal with the mass amounts of Invasive English Ivy suffocating Oregon’s ecosystems. Through many hours of trial, error and research, a solution presented itself. 
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Focusing on 
the Future
High School Students are required to log a certain amount of community service hours to graduate, Earthontheedge needs volunteers, and trees need saving. Everybody and everything have something to gain. It was a Eureka moment. It creates mutually beneficial situations for everyone, and everything involved. It gives the schools and students opportunities to fulfill their community service requirement, and at the same time helps the environment, the climate, and saves trees.
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 Recent Events
Oregon Episcopal School and Oregon Outreach (Molalla Academy) were the first two events. There is so much Ivy in the Portland area and so many High Schools, the number of new opportunities is amazing to think about.

Oregon Episcopal

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Oregon Outreach (Molalla Academy)

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Earth On the Edge