In His Own Words
The land that I live on is comprised of reclaimed Landfill. The Land is owned by a manufactured homepark, and no gas- or diesel-powered equipment can be used in the forest, with the lone exception being chainsaws in the event of fallen trees becoming a hazard. 
Everything used in the forest was manual in
nature. The Gas-powered weed eater was only used on the upper deck lawn area.


The Reason behind Connectavision and Earth on the Edge.

Stunning Pictures
Middle Aged Man
on  A Mission
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Multiple Missions



One of the motivating factors in this project for Monte was to get in better shape.



After being diagnosed with early diabetes. Monte set out to reverse his diagnosis by starting this project.



After years of viewing the tangled weeds that had overtaken the beautiful forest. Monte set out to improve the view from his deck.


The Enviroment

Trees overtaken by ivy or blackberries are deprived of the proper water and nutrients. Monte set out to help the forest breathe.


Set the Example

Monte wanted to show the world what the power of determination mixed with passion and perseverance can accomplish in a short amount of time.

Project Stats

Monte's Age

Monte Harris was able to accomplish this project at the age of 58!

Average hours per day on the weekend

Monte devoted more time this project during the weekend.

Total Project Days

Monte Harris was able to complete his Forest Reclamation project in 31 days!

Hours spent each day after full time job

Monte accomplished this project while working a full time job at Stanley Black and Decker.

Trees Saved

Monte was able to save 42 trees throughout the span of his project!

Tools Used

Monte used 18 different Stanley Black and Decker Tools.

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