The Reason Why

I have always wanted to find a way to leave a legacy. I remember that fateful day in 2010, when my father was diagnosed with 3rd stage liver cancer. He was given only two weeks to live. I saw a scared old man full of regrets that he hadn’t done more with his 88 years on the planet.  He had spent a lifetime with his nose buried in books, viewing the nightly news and watching the world pass him by.

I saw a man reaching out to everyone who had meant something to his life. He wanted to tell them how he felt, before breathing his last breath. He told me how much he regretted never getting to know me, his youngest son. From that day forward, I vowed, that when my final day comes, I will exit this Earth with a smile. I will depart knowing that I have helped humanity, my fellow man, and nature. I strive to let people I love, know how much they mean to me.

I have helped those less fortunate and went out of my way to help those in need. I have picked up mountains of litter and reclaimed a forest. I have launched three websites (,, and and written three books. (From Haiku to Haikuru, Life in Verse, and The Legacy of the Left Hand.) I have been an advocate for the homeless and the downtrodden. I have been a voice for the global left-handed community to gain access to universalized tools. 

I have tried to show my heart to the world through my poetry, my books, my websites, and events. I have done all these things, out of gratitude, an innate desire to give back to the planet of my birth. Connectavison has always been about connecting my visions for positive change to the visions of others with similar goals. In some small way I strive to make up for the shortcomings of my father’s life.

Climate Change is very real, and this year 2019, the world has gotten a large dose what the future could look like when the delicate cycles and balance of nature get altered. Polar Vortexes, Floods, and even Blizzards on the first day of summer. A July of extreme high temperatures, like the modern world has never seen. The hottest July on record. 

The purpose of the Earth on the Edge page is to inspire hope and optimism, that through unity, planting trees, and creative solutions, we can find new ways to help the planet breathe. Waiting for the governments of the world to join forces, has proven to be a lesson in futility.

We all share a responsibility as the caretakers of planet Earth. For many years I was an in-activist, and I plan on making up for the lost time in a big way.  I am looking for some like-minded volunteers to join me on my quest. It’s never too late to plant a tree, to pick up a piece of litter, or just help someone have a better day.

This year, the Ethiopians Planted over 350 million trees in 12 hours. Think how much could be achieved if a large part of the global community focused on helping nature and Mother Earth. As an eternal optimist, I believe that all of us care at some level. There are many people that are working on projects, but what is really required is engagement on a massive scale. Time is running short, today is the day to start, continuing to wait until the time seems right, is how we have reached this point in the first place. Most people seem to be waiting for a spark of change to happen. I hope my work can be a catalyst that inspires positive change.        

Earth On the Edge