Random Roadside 
The idea for this section arose from the large number of trees that are being killed by English Ivy in and around the area I reside. So many instances of trees that are dying on property that is essentially on no mans land. When opportunity arises to save trees that are on property by the roadside and the land is of unknown ownership, if it is not posted no trespassing and is easily accessible, I put on my fluorescent safety vest and save the trees. it is an awesome experience to save a tree.
Rusk Rd
"Every tree saved makes a difference 
A little more oxygen in the air a little less carbon. "
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 10 Trees Saved
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1.5 Hours
Naef Rd
"We may not be able to save the world by saving a tree, 
but saving a lot of trees is a step in the right direction."
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2 Trees Saved
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30 Min
Earth On the Edge