The Cost of Convenience

As the politicians sell out to corporations

Issuing permits for pollution and acid rain

They leave a wasteland for future generations

And trade election promises for personal gain

A public at the mercy of a broken process

Watches as corruption takes control

Officials living lives of luxury and excess

Profit, not Progress their ultimate goal

Creating catastrophe mankind has never faced

They drill with a wing and a prayer

Ecosystems and environments lying in waste

No safety or caution, just despair

A Company wallows in its own denial

Dispersing oil with toxic antifreeze

Will one day be brought to stand trial

For  poisons dumped into our cherished seas

Consumer nation that spends and borrows

Society with no regard for what’s at stake

Misplaced priorities, selling out tomorrows

A government with everyone on the take


The price for finding new oil is too high

Public outcry needs to be set in motion

To  not let corporations bleed our planet dry

Causing the demise of our precious ocean


Public asks for convenience at any cost

A world distracted by digital device

Careless disregard for what’s been lost

Virtual reality no replacement for paradise