The Miracle of Tree Planting

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The Brahmaputra River is one of three major rivers in India, along with the Ganges and the Indus Rivers. The big island, Majuli, formed on the river, is often flooded by monsoon1 rains. Once it was a beautiful island, home to thick forests, but it had been transformed into a barren landscape as trees were cut down by loggers.

A sixteen-year-old boy named Jadav Payeng was shocked to see multiple reptiles dead because there were no shade trees on a sandy beach where rivers had subsided. He called government agencies to ask for help planting trees, but no help was available or offered.

He decided he would make a difference. He started planting trees on his own. He began planting trees every chance he had when time and resources permitted. Forty years have passed since he first began planting trees. Today there is a thriving forest in what had been a barren land of desolation. The desert was transformed into an oasis for birds and animals to call home.
“When I first started planting trees in the wilderness, at first, I thought it would be a waste of time. However, as time went by, trees spread their seeds by themselves and took root.”
A dense forest begins with one tree. If you did something yesterday, and today, and tomorrow, then even small things can make a big difference.