English Ivy Kills 

Earth on the Edge was created in 2018, with the hope of creating a nonprofit that is unique in its mission to form Community Climate Coalitions. We are getting closer to the realization of that dream. In 2019 I started my attack on invasive species in the neighborhood where I live. It all started with the invasion of Himalayan Blackberries in the green space forest area I live in. The blackberries had suffocated the eco system. In a six-week period, I took down enough Blackberries to fill up about a thousand-yard debris containers. I reclaimed the little patch of paradise. The native species have bounced back since I reclaimed the ecosystem where a bunch of small Douglas firs are now thriving. (Please refer to the simplified solutions section helping the forest breathe for photos). After the Blackberry Project I started walking the trails and noticed that English Ivy was choking the trees and covering the forest floor and suffocating the ecosystem.

Through some studying I discovered Ivy although ornamental in nature, is deadly for trees, with catastrophic effects on the ecosystems and environments it invades. I learned that Ivy and other vines thrive on CO2. The Ivy ground network of vines can put trees in a drought cycle. Ivy decreases the efficiency of trees; the vines and leaves are harmful in many ways to a tree. The leaves block sunlight from the trunk, stopping photosynthesis by blocking sunlight absorption. The tree must fight for soil, nutrients and water. Vines can destroy the bark and weaken the structure of the tree. An unhealthy tree puts out less oxygen and absorbs less carbon due to the decreased life span of the tree.

Removal of Ivy from a tree can buy time to figure out a way to get the Ivy off the ground, or at least keep the tree Ivy at bay. Getting Ivy off the tree is crucial to the tree’s health and survival. Cutting Ivy off at its source, gives the tree a fighting chance. A focused effort in a large areas of Tree Ivy inundation, could have a huge potential to impact air quality, temperature, and carbon capture in the Portland Metro Area and beyond.

Climate Change is upon us, and the tipping point is near. Earthontheedge.org is dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of invasive species. We need volunteers to help reclaim native environments. Trees are the lungs of the earth and truly man’s best friend. Ivy Removal from trees is something we can do now. Something that could have a large immediate impact with a coordinated focused effort in 2021. The primary focus in 2021 is to help save the trees of Goat Island. Goat island is a Island in the Willamette River and is A Heron Rookery, home to almost forty pairs of Blue Herons, The Old growth Ivy has been taking down trees, and we are having an event in July after young ones leave the nest. We are looking for around 30 passionate individuals with (Kayaks or Canoes to help). The event will be a two day Solve event. I for one will be doing my part. I am looking for some likeminded people to help me on my quest.

Earth On the Edge